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What is problem gambling?

Problem gambling is gambling to a degree that compromises, disrupts or damages family, personal or recreational pursuits. A problem gambler is typically described as someone who has spent more money and/or time gambling than they can afford.

Problem gambling warning signs

Spending more money and time on gambling than you can afford
Finding it hard to manage or stop your gambling
Having arguments with family or friends about money and gambling
Losing interest in your usual activities or hobbies, like going out with friends or spending time with your family
Always thinking or talking about gambling
Lying about your gambling or hiding it from other people
Chasing losses or gambling to get out of financial trouble
Gambling until all your money is gone
Borrowing money, selling possessions or not paying bills in order to fund your gambling
Needing to gamble with larger amounts of money or for a longer time to get the same feeling of excitement or buzz
Neglecting work, university, family, personal needs or household responsibilities because of gambling
Feeling anxious, worried, guilty, depressed or irritable
If you are still unsure about the way you gamble, take our problem gambling Self-Assessment.